Beyond Baling Innovation Challenge

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In line with the national solid waste management strategy and national plastic recycling strategy, with the BBIC, we are seeking to economically transport postconsumer
PET we are collecting across the country. Our goal is to give the plastic a second life by recycling it and converting it into textiles.

PET plastic is bulky therefore a challenge to transport. Due to this, we need to compress and bale it. Instead of importing balers, we wish to tap into our
abundant local resources to innovate local balers and encourage baler manufacturing in Kenya.

Collectively, this goes beyond baling hence the name of the innovation challenge.


This is a country-wide innovation challenge. In line with the BIG 4 AGENDA, our goal with BBIC is to promote and nurture innovations in Kenya which will encourage local manufacturing and generation of wealth, employment and youth entrepreneurship.

This challenge is open to everyone over the age of 18 years. We call upon everyone to submit their innovative solutions to bale post-consumer PET plastic. This competition targets innovative solutions in areas including but not limited to: Universities and colleges (Academia), Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the Jua Kali Sector.

The competition seeks to identify and award the best innovations to bale postconsumer PET plastic within a budget of $2,000-$4,000 in three main categories:
1. Manual Bale
2. Renewable Energy Powered Baler
3. Grid Powered Baler

All qualifying submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges consisting of experts in industry, academia and technology. All qualifying concept notes will then advance to prototyping. The prototypes will also be judged by the same panel and winners will be awarded.


The winners will receive a cash award of KSH 100,000 (USD 1000), first runners up KSH 75,000 (USD 750) and second runners up KSH 50,000 (USD 500).

In addition, a total of 100 balers will be purchased from the top 3 winning innovations. We will help the winners set up successful bale manufacturing enterprises by incubating and mentoring them.

Important Dates

The BBIC will run for a total of two months.

05 MAR


Of the Innovation Challenge

03 APR


Deadline to register

08 APR


Presentation of concept notes

08 MAY


Presentation of prototypes, award ceremony & exhibition

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